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    I am looking for a wireless e-mail program for my Treo 180 that can do the following:
    - multiple POP3 accounts
    - check for e-mail automatically
    - notify me when e-mail arrives in my inbox

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Darren Greenspoon
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    a future version of Basejet ?

    Currently it will only check one pop 3 account unless you use the desktop component.
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    This is not exactly what you want, but you can configure your email to forward a copy to your SMS number, which gives you the first 100 characters or so, alerting you to incoming email and letting you decide whether to check or not. Many ISPs permit such forwarding, but not all. If you have an always-on desktop, then you can do the same thing with Outlook. Then you can check with Eudora, One-Touch, or whatever you like.
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    Mark/Space Mail does (on paper) everything I want from a mail app for the Treo with GPRS :

    - multiple accounts,
    - automaticly checking for new e-mails (with sound alert if found new)

    I've tried it. At first I was really impressed. But ... I already had 2 crashes (while doing auto-check), and had to do a Hard reset every time.

    So I decided to delete the app.

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