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    Any expert can teach me how to make the BaseJet workable in my TREO 270 using GPRS?

    I had already installed the problem in my TREO and after connection to GPRS, I press the SYNC button on the screen then

    connecting to Transporter......... (
    connecting to Launcher....... (no response anymore)

    Shall I connect it to the PC first?
    How about outdoor email checking?

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    I think basejet is having problem working with the gprs system.

    There was a recent post about it on their support web site.
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    To recap the Basejet problems, it uses HTTP to connect to Basejet's servers. Voicestream is using a transparent proxy server in front of the GPRS service and it's interefering with the application.

    The thing I don't understand exactly is that you can disable the proxying for your GPRS device by going to but it doesn't seem to help Basejet.

    The good news is that Basjet has encountered this problem in the past with other devices, so hopefully they can come up with a solution quickly!

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