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    I've slaved on my Treo 300 for 3 days trying to configure it to send email. I receive just fine and obtain the internet O.K. After 5 hours on the phone with Sprint, the guy says "our SMTP" is down. There is nothing wrong with your phone. We don't expect it to be up again till the end of the month." He explained that without an SMTP nobody, at least in the Phoenix area will be receiving email. Three more weeks? I can't believe it. Is this really possible?

    The techinician at the Sprint store couldn't help at all. Said mine was the second Treo 300 he has even seen. Is this Sprint, or what?
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    I have had similar problems. Using an email account I have with Earthlink, I can receive email using either Mark/Space Mail or Eudora Palm. But I cannot get either program to send mail. I get various errors that I have not been able to solve. I thought the problems were due to configuration errors on my part. But perhaps the problem is with Sprint.

    I don't have Sprint mail because my account has never been changed from 2G to 3G, despite numerous calls to Sprint's helpless desk.

    Good luck to you and if you ever solve the problem please explain what you did.

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    Sunshine, I have had the same problem with PCS Business Connect (download version), using Windows 2000 Microsoft Outlook and Exchange;

    Receive functions work well.

    When I send an e-mail or reply everything looks good on the Treo side, no error messages and the mail goes to the outbox. The problem being that the mail never actually is ever received by anyone.

    When I hotsynch, same thing, no error messages, my inbox synchs but my sent box is never touched, either on Treo or Desktop.

    I also have the web based version of PCS business connect which works perfectly for both incoming and outgoing mail. The download version is much quicker and looks better than the web version.

    I received the SMTP server not established line from tech support on my second of three efforts over the past three weeks to try and work this out. But they last week told me it would be up at the end of ths week. My third contact with them, where nobody mentioned SMTP issues, is still an open ticket after 5 days. You would think if it was the SMTP at issue then so many people could not send mail from the Treo it would be a much bigger issue on these boards.

    I still get the feeling that if I keep calling I will finally get someone on the other end of the line that has some ideas to try.
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    I've had no problems sending e-mail using Sprint's SMTP server (just checked it again now). The correct authentication settings are crucial, though. In Eudora you must set SMTP server authentication to "Best Available," "Password Prompt" (which you muts fill in with your PCS Vision username and password the first time you send), and Security (SSL) to "If Available." I wasn't able to get it to work with Iambic Mail, as the program did not give me access to all the settings I needed. I should point out that I'm using my own hosted POP3 account. It has an SMTP server set up, but requires logging into the POP server first for authentication, which cannot be done automatically with Eudora (that I am aware of). That's why I send with Sprint's SMTP server (but with my own account's "reply to" address). Using Sprint's SMTP server, test mail arrives within 10 seconds of sending it. Hope you all have the same success I have (and don't bother listening to the more ridiculous statements made by unknowledgeable Sprint reps). Best of luck!
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    POP3 clients usually have problems sending email because of SPAM protections on the sending portion of the mail servers.

    If you are not identified to the server when you try to send email, the server will not send anything.

    How do email servers identify you? It varies a lot depending upon whether you have an ISP or are using a corporate email server and by how the adminstrators set it up.

    In the old days of dialup connections, life was simple. You dialed up your ISP or RAS connection and connected to your ISPs IP feed to the net. Once you had come in over a known access point, the email server would allow you to pick up and send email just by using your POP3 password and username - this was very often the same as your ISP login username and password.

    Now we have 2.5G and 3G networks where you connect to your mail server across an IP feed supplied by your wireless carrier. When you try to send email using a POP3/SMTP client such as Eudora a number of things may stop your mail from being sent.

    1. Some servers require that you have picked up your email once before they will allow you to send any mail. In that way they have authenticated you very recently to an IP address and assume that it is OK to also send a message originating from this IP address. This is a setting in some email clients but you must be sure that the SMTP server thru which you are sending mail supports this feature. Sometimes an ISP will offer two SMTP servers and only one of them supports this. Ask the ISP who hosts your mail.

    2. Many SMTP servers look at the IP address of the sender and if it does not fall within a known good range, it will not send the mail. How can you get around this - use a public SMTP server to send instead. These are available but are not well known to keep evil SPAMmers away from them. You can also request that your ISP opens the IP range for your wireless carrier - e.g. Sprint might have a range of two thousand IP addresses assigned to their phones and this range could be accepted by your ISP as a valid secure email source. The other option is to persuade your wireless carrier to provide an SMTP server which you can use. This brings me to my next gotcha...

    3. Some SMTP servers, in particular those supplied by wireless carriers, only relay email which matches certain sender domains. e.g. I hear that will only relay emails from email addresses.

    If you run your own mail server or have an understading ISP/mail server admin you can always get around these issues. While you gripe about the hassle though, remember that it is all for your own protection. Spammers are annoying parasites and should be kept at bay.

    My best advice is - try an email client that supports SMTP authentication first - like the free Eudora mail client or the trial edition of TapMail EE (very capable mailer). You can get Eudora at www, and Tapmail at Make sure you turn on the preferences for SMTP authentication and try the various encoding methods and try collecting your email before sending. If this fails call the mail server admin and find out what kind of protection they are using and then figure out your solution.
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    The last post was useful. The poster explained one of the reasons why I use Sprint's SMTP server. However, based on my own experience I know that Sprint does not limit e-mail relay to senders using a sprintpcs domain. I send e-mail from my own domain's addresses every day using Sprint's SMTP server. I suspect that they use the IP address limitations explained in the post.

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