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    Just got my Treo 270 and it's a very interesting little thing; fits in my hand much better than the alternative for me; the Nokia communicator.. and I love the Palm Os!

    The questions:

    I have to admit the phone function of the Treo doesn't quite match that of the Nokia phones.. and I have near 200 numbers in my SIM card; but I can move just 50 to the Treo adressbook; or is there some way to move more? And it take for ages to load the simadresses to the treo....

    I then don't understand the logic behind the SMS system... I open the SMS window, press new, and get lots of my emailadresses I DON'T need to send a sms message??

    What buttons exactly do I have to press to get the mobilephone numers and are there any rules how the Treo picks up the numbers and show them to me?

    thanks in advance!
    greetings from Finland

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    I have got the same problem, I cannot use the Lookup function in the SMS screen. Can anybody help?

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    SIM Book (on the Treo by default) migrates numbers from the SIM to Speed Dials. It does not do exactly what you want in terms of migrating to the Address Book.

    The Treo has a different paradigm than a traditional GSM phone for storage of numbers and names. You are moving to a Palm OS device rather than a SIM-centric phone and have to make the effort one time to move the information to the Contacts list. YOu can always migrate Speed Dials back to the SIM too if you have a secondary phone for weekend use.
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    Thnx - I was afraid that was so about the SIM card.... I know what to do this evening then....

    BUT then the question about the use of the SMS window and the addresses..? Can anybody teach me about that thanks?
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    Check out the SMS section in the Treo 270 interactive guide - this might help.

    Go to Support site for HS and click on Interactive User Guides for Treo communicators

    Then choose 270 and select SMS messages in the left column. It will show you the addressing method for SMS. It is also described in detail in the 'hard to find' electronic user guide installed on your PC.
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    Is there any way to send an SMS message to a number OTHER than the Mobile number (which comes up by default on a last name search). Reason I ask is because Skytel supports SMS messaging and I want to sent messages to the "Pager" number for some recipients.
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    Try this GSMTool program. You will need a cellphone with IR to sync with your Treo. I have an extra 8290, so I put my SIM in the 8290 and sync with my Treo addressboook via IR with this program. It works and you have total control of which contact to sync. It's a little too expensive to purchase, but with the 30 days trial, I did all the syncing I need.

    Highly recommended for initial transfer of all your contacts from the SIM to your addressbook, and vice versa.

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    GSMTool is doing great; everything syncronised (and downloaded program etc) in under 20 minutes! (250 numbers)


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