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    I have been trying to get my Treo to get mail through my vision id email address and my regular pop account. I am using Iambic mail. I am unable to send any mail even when using the I have spoken to the tech support after waiting a very long time and was told that the outgoing mail server (SMTP) was a known problem. It does not appear to work at all. I can poll my 3rd party pop account for incoming mail. It appears to log in and will act as if it is downloading mail, but always cuts out before downloading any or all of the messages. I am sporadically able to get one or two messages. Is this the experience of most users? If not, any suggestions??
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    I've been pretty successful sending e-mail using Sprint's SMTP server. The correct authentication settings are crucial, though. Iambic mail doesn't seem to provide as much control over these settings as Eudora (I've tried both and am currently using Eudora). In Eudora you must set authentication to "Best Available," "Password Prompt" (which you will fill in with your PCS Vision username and password the first time you send), and Security (SSL) to "If Available." You might want to try Eudora -- it's free -- just to see if you can get it to work (you can still keep Iambic Mail and may eventually get it to work). Best of luck!
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    Thanks, Eudora seems to work much better. Still having some problems with Sprint SMTP server being down. Also messages are getting truncated. I have tried to adjust number of lines retrieved. Would highly recommend Eudora over Iambic mail. It has many more features.

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