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    Anyone figure out how to access Yahoo calendar? Yahoo's new calendar format requires Javascript, which Blazer doesn't support, and the old WAP/Sprint Wireless Web version is not accessible with the Treo (or at least I don't know the address for it). Any ideas?
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    I use intellisync for Yahoo to sync all my data from yahoo to my pda. You can too, just log into calendar and click on sync on the right hand corner.
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    Yeah, but that's problematic when I have three calendars (home, work and wife's). The Yahoo calendar is my wife's (which I where I already use Intellisync). So that won't work here because I don't want to comingle the calendars.
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    ah,didn't know that.

    You can go to the WAP version of Y! Calendar since blazer supports wap as well: ; select usa, Y! Calendar; login and you should be set.

    Won't look as pretty but will get the job done.
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    I tried that too but I don't get a calendar option. I just get Mail, Sports, Movies, Finance, News and Weather -- even if I sign in.
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    Yeah, sometimes I have problems with that too....

    Try going to the UK/Ireland site rather then USA and you should see some new menus (calendar, bookmarks, etc...)

    Let me know if that works out for you.
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    Ah-ha! ... very good. Cool. Thanks.
    Now why can't Y! USA figure this out? It can't be that hard ....
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    Because the US is always lagging behind in the times. No one barely uses wap/sms so they don't really care. In europe / asia that's all they do.

    Where in seattle are you?

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