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    I am trying to find a way to close my lid on the treo but keep the current program open
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    You can do this and see if it's what you're seeking:

    After you close the lid, you can press the power button once, and the app will fire back up - you can then view the app through the lid window. I read e-books this way.....
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    You can also use Treo Button, which allows you to reassign the applications that are launched with each button. It allows you to choose "do nothing" for lid opening, which keeps the device from switching to the phone application every time you reopen the lid.

    You can find it at:
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    nrosser is right. As long as you pop on the light manually first, before opening the lid (by hitting the power button once, as nrosser said), you're fine. Because if the light comes on before opening the lid, the application that was open last stays "live".
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    I found this hack on palmgear - haven't tried it myself yet.
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    No, he's asking whether or not you can leave the Treo on when you close the lid, not when you open it.

    The OnLine hack appears to be only when you're online...doesn't do anything for you if you're not online.

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