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    I signed up for a new Sprint account in the last week of August after I got my Treo. Just got my phone bill, and they charged me the full amount for the whole month, minus the free vision (but including the $35 activation charge). Does anyone know if Sprint normally prorates the charges?
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    Sprint runs your monthly billing cycle from the date you activate, not on a calendar-month basis. So, if you activated on 8/25, your billing cycle would run from the 25th to the 24th of the following month. Check your billing information on the Sprint PCS web site and you'll see what I mean.
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    Sprint also charges in advance... not arrears so the bill you got is for this month not the last.
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    I had a 300 and returned it on the 14th day, so i could cancel service without penalty. Before i bought it, I was told by multiple people in the Sprint store that if i brought it back, I would only be charged for the minutes I used, and not for the entire month. Reading the terms on one of my receipts implies says "Even if you cancel service within 14 days, you must pay for any services you actually use. The monthly reecurring charge is not prorated and you will not receive a credit or refund for any unused minutes in your service plan." That implies that i have to pay this entire $95.23 bill in front of me ($49.99 service, $10.25 taxes, $34.99 activation)...

    Called Sprint up a few days ago, and the service rep assured me that I would be receiving a new bill in the next few days, that would show my usage for that 14 day period, and the subsequent charge, and that was what i'd have to pay.

    Does anyone know for sure??

    I'm calling them again tomorrow to see what story I get...i have a sneaky suspicision that I'm going to end up paying the 95.23 and probably paying it after the due date, cuz I would be able to get the correct answer from them until after the bill's due...

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