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    I'm not sure if these coupons can be used in the store or not... However, I tried the coupon in the link and it appears to be a one-time use only coupon - I guess that's why it's 16 digits instead of 5 for the other offers, so each person they send that offer to gets a different coupon code.

    For anyone's interested, you may want to check out, they list many offers, including the Staples deal. - Justin

    Originally posted by MitzEclipse

    There seems to be a $40 off $200 coupon here:
    Scan of Coupon found on another board

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    Well I just visited one Staples and called 2 others... looks like you can't redeem the luggage deal in person and it must be done online.
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    What about the $30 off tho?
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