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    Just wondering for all those of you who have had Handspring issue you an R/A and send you a replacement unit . Are you all getting refurbes or are they new units or can you even tell if they are new or refurbes?
    I have a few problems with my 270 and they are offering to replace my unit but can't guarantee whether I will get a new one or a refurbe and quit frankley I'm afraid to get a refurbe model and have more problems than I'm currently experiencing! (just what I want, spend $500 on a brand new device and end up with someone elses problem that was sent back, repaired and shipped out to me!)
    They have escalated my case and noted that they will replace it if they can't resolve the issues.

    Any suggestions?

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    My first Treo got busted(blank screen) after 9 days, then I had to send it back to the US for replacement since it was bought there(I come from Asia). I got my 2nd replacement unit, brought back by a relative, but again it blanked its screen after 14 days of use. I am awaiting my 3rd unit replacement,(this is getting to be a bad habit) which I already plan to sell as soon as I receive it. I cannot afford the downtime Handspring is giving me. I'll just stick to my Prism/Visorphone combo, or maybe until they can get their act together with the screen problem.
    Its hard to say if I got a refurb because the unit looks new. I think you are right, paying hard earned greens & probably get a refurb for a replacement unit. But I guess you'll just have to take their word for it(no choice) that these are brand new units!
    I'l let you know my comments on my 3rd replacement unit as soon as I get it.
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    At least in one respect, a refurb unit is better than a brand new one: it's been tested.

    I'm on my second Treo 270 now (the radio died) and I couldn't care less about whether it's new or refurbed. It has no visual blemishes whatsoever, it works flawlessly, and if something does go wrong again, I'll get another one sent to me fairly easily.

    At least I know it doesn't have any of the common issues that have been clearly documented, because Handspring has tested it for those issues (in order to avoid shipping costs if I had to send it back).

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