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    I'm a former Prism VisorPhone user. My impression of the Treo 300 after 4 days of use is:

    1) form factor is excellent
    2) LED is much better for outdoor viewing than Prism, but not perfect
    3) sound quality is excellent (VisorPhone on Cingular was horrible), both on my end and for those who are listening to me
    4) keyboard is wonderful
    5) volume for phone calls could be a little louder
    6) speakerphone could be louder
    7) included ear piece/mic is much better than the one with VisorPhone but still could be improved
    8) alarm sound is loud enough
    9) color is not as good as that of Prism (not as many colors), but is good enough
    10) case scratches too easily
    11) no dropped calls
    12) signal strength equal to or better than Cingular

    Unlike others, I am not that interested in getting email and surfing the web away from work or home. I, therefore, cannot comment on those issues. However, for people who want a good PDA/good phone combo with crisp/clear sound I recommend the Treo 300.
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    Mack Brown will be using the calculator feature to tally points on Saturday night.
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    After our first game, I hope John Bunting is not using it to add up our fumbles/interceptions.
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    ...I think you meant Darian Durant's fumbles/interceptions... Has he never played in the rain???

    nobull (Michigan fan living in NC)
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    I use web access for mapquest, weather, stock trading, email, directions, 411 directory, news, etc...

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