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    treo wizards and gurus:

    i am new here and not nearly as knowledgable about the treo 270 as you all are, so i would greatly appreciate any guidance you can give to a few unrelated questions below (apologies if these questions have been answered previously elsewhere - feel free to point me towards the right thread):

    i live in new york city, have a treo 270 and voicestream/t-mobile is my mobile carrier. separately, on my pc at home, i access the internet via road runner (time warner cable), where i have several email accounts (road runner, yahoo, etc.).

    i want to be able to access the internet and email (roadrunner and yahoo accounts) on my treo. in speaking with both voicestream/t-mobile, road runner and handspring, they were all surprisingly clueless as to how to allow me to do this. here's what i've done so far:

    - under prefs, config'd my "network" to wireless modem and plugged in my username and password.
    - i've also plugged in one of several dial-up numbers that road runner offers to people (numbes which support 9600 baud)

    BUT when i try to connect it says "dialing" and then "signing on" but then it says "error: please check your username and pword and try again. (0x1233)"

    - what am i doing wrong? i know my username and pword is correct. roadrunner and handspring told me that i may need to load a script that specifically get road runner to work with the treo (since road runner only officially supports win ce, not palm) - is this true? where can i find this script?

    - i currently pay $2.99 a month to receive data from voicestream/t-mobile? is this the right plan or do i need to pay for some other plan? (i read elsewhere on this board that users need to pay about $20 to get on a different data plan)

    - should i bypass the dial-up idea and instead download this GPRS patch? is it safe to do this at this point or should i wait? where do i obtain the patch and installation instructions?

    - what is the best way to manage several different email accounts (i.e. road runner, yahoo) on my treo such that a copy of the original email is always saved at the isp or on my pc (i use outlook to connect to yahoo)?

    one of the features i really liked about my palm vx was being able to set "dragging the stylus up across the screen" as the short-cut for turning off and locking my palm. that functionality does not appear to be included in the treo's palm os. is there a way to allow me to do this? if not, what could be substituted as a short-cut to allow me to do this?

    thank you very much for your help. please feel free to reply to this thread or to email me attachments at my email address:

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    Can you connect via dial-up modem from your pc?

    That happened to me with another ISP. I turns out my username via dial-up was different than my LAN username.

    Also check your IP numbers and setup.

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