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    As with many of us, my data has yet to work on my Treo 300 (2 weeks and counting). I love the machine but I'm torn between waiting for them to "try" and fix it, switch the phone or even service (for Treo 270) or just give-up on data all together. The last is not really an option but this is so draining. This whole ordeal makes me want my i300 back so bad. The CS at Sprint have been very kind but useless. Anybody got a suggestion or maybe an enlightening story of how they finally got data to work?
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    I assume you tried leaving it idle for 24 hours in wireless mode...
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    Yep! Did the whole idle thing and the only thing I got out of that was a bunch of Missed Calls. Thanks though.
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    I remember being really frustrated that it took nearly a whole day to get online. I now feel extremely fortunate. IMO, it's well worth the wait, but knowing myself, I'd be a T-Mobile customer by now... -m
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    Not sure if it was you who posted this, but someone got the name and number of the CEO of Sprint, called him, got his VP or someone, and explained the situation. Maybe that would move them a little faster.

    They should be able to just totally re-assign a username and password to your phone and reprovision. Have you called the handset/device service number: 888-211-4727. Try that. I wish I could remember the guys name who helped me...but he reset my username and password (new username/password) and I was up and working in 5 minutes.

    Good luck...

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    Nope, that wasn't me but sounds like a plan. I can't understand why this whole thing has been such an ordeal. Last time I spoke to them they said to give them no more than another week. So if it doesn't work by this weekend, then I'm gonna make some real power moves. I'll ask them to reset my Vision account also. Thanks people. I need this support or I'm gonna lose it!!!
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    From user nemonik (thanks man!):

    "I got so fed up with my Vision services being dorked up and untrained tech support I dug through Sprint PCS' last Security Exchange filing for the President's phone number and called him.

    Charles E. Levine can be reached at 913-624-3000.

    Sopposedly, his assistant is Richard Layne and can be reached at 866.217.9236. He actually worked to esculate my problem, but it is still unresolved going into the thrid week. Sigh."

    Good luck,

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