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    Am on my second treo 180g. First one kept on developing "fatal errors" whenever the GSM went in and out of range of the network. The replacement just keeps on throwing up fatal errors at odd times. Handspring have told me it is a corrupt database, as it seems to be related to the phonebook application - it even gives me the line number where the code has crashed - nearly always the same line number..... Anybody got any bright ideas, ... I thought I had it fixed by turning off the system updater in Hotsync, but now it seems the entire system is in flash rom anyway ... so I am damned if I know.

    basilbob from oz
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    To eliminate the hardware as the source of the problem - do a hard reset and use the phone for a while *before* hot syncing the unit. If the fatal exceptions no longer occur then it is probably either an incompatible application or a corrupted DB.

    Next, you'll then need to:
    1. Make a full copy of your /handspring/username/backup directory to a safe location
    2. Delete all files from this directory
    3. Hotsync.

    If after this the problem has gone, then it is likely to be a incompatible/corrupt application or system settings file... which one? This is a tough one but you'll need to incrementally hard reset & reload things (say one app per day) until you figure which one is causing the problem etc.

    If the problem is still there - then the address book is probably corrupt (located in /handspring/username/address)

    Copy the /handspring/username/address/address.dat file to somewhere safe - and copy the .bak file on top of the .dat. You could also try archiving the address book to clean out the .dat file.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the advice Dave - it seems that the phonebook application itself is the problem - I deleted nearly everything else, after a fresh install from the CD to my PC, and from there HotSynced to the treo with blank database etc..

    I dont intend to spend the next six months trying to find out what the hell is wrong with the thing, having spent the last four months trying and losing data, and getting frustrated. Just hoping there might be an answer someone has come across ....

    May have to ask for my money back at this stage ..


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