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    Has anobody found a decent holster for the T300? The one from handspring is really bad.

    To begin, you can not detach the actual holster from the belt clip. It makes getting in and out of the car VERY cumbersome.

    If you are patient enough to get it out of your belt, you will still need to get it out of the holster to dial someone using the jog dial since the holster covers the jog dial...

    So, bottom line, I had to return it...

    Has anybody seen a third party making holsters for the T300? Sprint still does not have one.

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    Search the forums for "case" There are a ton out there.
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    i have both the handspring soft case and the one from case techworks.. i love the techworks case.. awesome!!!
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    I have used the HS one and with very little use it fell apart, very small plastic supports the hinge of the belt clip. I ordered the caseworks one, its backordered so still waiting.

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    I have the HandSpring soft case and it works well for me. Although it's not that pretty .

    I'm waiting for Krusell to make a case for the Treo 300 .
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    At a recent Sprint conference, I saw and handled the CaseWorks one. I really liked it - the little wrapper that holds the antenna is a great way to hold the unit. I'm currently using the Handspring plastic holster/safe (the Handspring folks gave me that one at the conference, so it was free). It IS somewhat hard to remove the Treo from the holster, which I don't dig, but on the other hand - you know it won't fall out. My only issue with the Caseworks one is having to remove from the leather holster to sit in the cradle. A minor hassle.
    My car solution was this (not original, I must admit - saw someone else with this). You might have seen the car clip magnet solutions - rather than the vent clip with the belt tab, it's a magnet process. You glue a thin magnet thing on the device, and it bonds to the magnet glued onto the dashboard. That way, you don't have a big ol' tab stuck to the back o the Treo. Well, my dashboard would not adhere to the 3M sticky, so my workaround was to take/remove by force the magnet out of the clip, stick it in an old tab-style vent clip, and now my Treo bonds to the vent clip via magnet force, and no tab on the back of the Treo. Works very well - it stays on the magnet quite well, and hasn't fallen off. Not too bad.
    I do think the CaseWorks holster is probably the overall better solution, altho I kind of wish the position of the tab on the back of the holster was higher on the unit - it's sort of in the middle, which means the Treo won't really hang like most belt phones do. Which might be fine - I'd like a little higher position for the tab. Bostonmerlin - give us some insight on how it's worked for you...
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    to be honest.. buying the caseworks case for the treo300 i read on this boad about your treo spinning around since the tab was in the middle of the phone case and not at the top (thus allowing the phone to hang down).

    after a few days of wearing it though i like the fact that its like that. when i sit in my car or at work .. the case swivels my phone so that it sits flat against the seat.. so i dont feel the phone. when i get up.. it swivels back down.

    i like it. it'll take a few days for the leather to wear in enough so that the phone lid closes completely (it will soon though).

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    Also, the Brookstone case for the Startac (believe it or not) fits well. I also have the Handspring belt clip case (breaks easily but impressive looking) but the Blackberry case is worth checking into.
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    I'm using the Brookstone case. It fits reasonably well. With this type of case you remove the device to use it. The belt clip seems very secure -- it has yet to budge. All in all, pretty decent for $12.
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    Has anyone attempted to "Dremel" the side of the Handspring case to expose the jog dial?
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    It just occured to me that the version I saw at the Sprint conference must have been a hybrid btw the ones that CaseWorks has for the Treo 180 and the one they show for the 300. THe one I saw (with a 300 in it) did not have the flip lid cover - it just covered the body of the phone, with the little antenna wrapper thing (just like the ones they show for the 180 on their web site). So - is the one you have like that, or does it cover the flip as well? Just curious...
    (I prefer to not have the flip covered, but to each his own)
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    Originally posted by Bryan Nystrom
    Has anyone attempted to "Dremel" the side of the Handspring case to expose the jog dial?

    If I had a dremel I would. I'll have to ask one of my neighbors. I put voice command on the first speed dial, and with the hands free if the jog dial was exposed I would still be able to make phone calls.

    The only drawback I guess is if you accidentally press the jog dial with the headset in it would execute a call. Although I don't think that would be very likely.
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    Originally posted by darnell
    I have the HandSpring soft case and it works well for me. Although it's not that pretty .

    I'm waiting for Krusell to make a case for the Treo 300 .
    Just as a follow-up I contacted the folks at Krusell and they said they have no plans to make a case especially for the Treo 300. They said the current case used for other Treo modules should hold the 300 fine. But I guess this means any issues found with their cases will not be corrected any time soon....
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    I use the Ultra Clip (on my belt) and Vent Clip (in my car) from with my Treo. I am very satisfied by this solution. The tab on the back of the Treo is very low profile and actually makes it easier to read/use the Treo when it is sitting flat on a table/desk.
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    I just picked up a StarTac case from Brookstone the other night. Looks much nicer than the HandSpring Action Pak case. And for only $12.50 it's a good deal. Not to mention I was able to walk into a store and pick it up, instead of waiting for it to be shipped. does not work with Mozilla. They automatically redirect to a page talking about their payment processor "" not processing transactions from Netscape browsers. That's a lie if you ask me, because I use to handle payments on one of my own web sites. I even use's provided page to accept customer information, instead of my own shopping cart program. And I can handle any browser under the sun just fine. So their lie and inability to take time to make their site work with my browser of preference ensures I'll never buy from them.

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