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    Here's an interesting one. Basically, you have three players involved - Handspring, Sprint and, in my case, CompUSA where I bought the Treo 300 from.

    First, the problem. I noticed that when open, the hinge cover on my 300 is not completely stiff - it has about 1 mm wiggle room. The demos I have seen had all tight covers that, when open, were pretty stiff and locked in place. Now, it may be from use over time that it loosens a bit and may happen to all of them eventually. In any case, not a big deal. But I thought it might be worth some time to get it tightened. After removing the 4 screws on the back to see what I could do, the case was pretty tightly sealed and so I chickened out. So, for giggles and grins, I decided to see if repair services could tighten it up.

    Here's the problem. Go to Handspring's site and it says under their repair section to see Sprint. I went to a Sprint store (as per the web site's instructions about repairs) and they said they don't repair phones, only replace them. Since I bought it at CompUSA, no go for Sprint.

    So, I go to CompUSA and they tell me they don't repair the phones either. I think you can see the problem here

    Basically, since I didn't buy the extended warranty, they can't just swap the phone. I don't buy the extended warranty on PDA stuff because I usually buy a new one every six months anyways. And I have to say, I'm going to be looking real hard at the Kyocera 7135 - something I wouldn't have to do if Handspring got a clue and put an SD slot in the 300. Memory storage is big for me, but that's another thread.

    Now, I'm not worried about this since the problem is minor (and in fact maybe isn't even a problem depending on how normal wear and tear affects the cover hinge). In fact, the only real problem may be that I'm anal retentive about my electronic gizmos I have in the past paid the $99 to CompUSA after the fact to get the extended warranty, but, again, as I said, it's not a huge deal to bother with this.

    So, after all this writing, it comes down to this: If something legitimately bad were to happen to the 300, does anyone know where you go to get the thing fixed? I'm sure that based on my past levels of, err, "customer service" from Sprint and CompUSA, somebody is wrong here.
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    not exactly what the thread is intended for, but - I also have the same wiggle in my lid (careful now). I don't think it's a technical or mfg problem, but just how it is. I don't really dig it, but I don't plan to hassle with it. Maybe a little tape or sumthin where the lid hits the hinge at the top - that might take up the wiggle room....
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    Yeah, it's probably just a wear-and-tear issue that happens to most of them eventually. I like the 300, but let's face it - it isn't built in the most sturdy construction.
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    My Flip is sturdy and I have had my Treo months. Perhaps I didn't use mine as much?
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    Ok here is what you do. Take out the 4 bux a month insurance at sprint. They will replace the phone for 35 bux after 20 days. Sure 4 bux a month and the deductible suck, BUT with a $500+ phone, even if you loose it - thats what I call insurance!!!!
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    Mine has the wiggle as well. Annoying..have thought about returning it to Handspring...but with all the provisioning issues wonder if that's such a smart thing to do ;->

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    I probably wouldn't

    If everything else works and the wiggle isn't too pronounced, we are probably in good shape. Besides, even if you got a "wiggle-free" one, there's no guarantee the replacement will be any better or won't become that way again. While some haven't gotten the problem, I imagine a decent number do and it may be a design "feature".
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    I've got the wiggles, too, FWIW. Let's call it a feature.

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