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    Ok first off my SMS never worked. Every time I open the app I get a fatal alert.

    Line282, No SMS DB refnum

    figured I deal with it when I had free time, wasn't really interested in using SMS anyway.

    Then someone sent me an SMS.

    Now as soon as I turn on the wireless I get that same fatal alert, which requires a soft reset. In other words the phone is worthless for calls, its stuck in an infinite fatal alert - reset loop.

    This was 20 minutes ago. On hold with Sprint, just posting this on the off chance TreoCentral gets quicker results.

    About to try a hard reset now...
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    Get a hold of Filez or McFile and try to delete the corrupted SMS DB from the Treo.
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    nice one, that worked like a charm.
    Treo Central 1 - Sprint Customer Support 0
    actually score is probably way higher for this site...
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    Glad to hear it worked.
    I get that a lot (not only SMS also launcher DB corruptions etc'), if you try a lot of shareware/freeware apps on your Treo it's kind of expected.

    I used to panic and do tons of hard resets but it was a pain (and did not always fixed the problem, since the next Sync will restore all past DBs which are sometimes already corrupted)...

    Removing the corrupted DB is sometimes a much easier solution.
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    Filez or McFile? Which works better?
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    I'd rather use Filez since it takes up much less space compared to McFile.

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