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    Maybe this is a non-issue, but I want to cleanup some if the useless programs on my Treo, like keyboard help, but I would like to be able to recover to the factory installed software if need be. I cant find anything on the CD or the Handspring or Sprint site for the original software.
    I know some of the software cant be deleted from ROM without a utility.
    What can go and what cant? Can you put it back without some kind of additional backup software?
    Seems like there should be something like a "restore" that you get with PCs to take it back to "out of the box" condidtion.
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    I "hard reset" will erase all data and restore your Treo to its original configuration - just like when you took it out of the box and turned it on. Your manual covers the procedure.
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    Before you go out and buy the factory reset tool unscrew the tip of your stylus

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