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    Back in the day I used to have a CASSIOPEIA PALMPC. I then moved onto the Palm platform and havent looked back since.

    But the one thing i LOVED about MS PALM(now called pocket PC) is the fact that when I dropped the unit into the craddle, it synced up automatically, no questions asked.

    I then got a Visor Prism, and I had to train myself to hit a button to sync whenever I wanted to sync. I'm sorry people, but THAT SUCKS!!

    So last week, me and my business partner goes to Fry's electronics and I buy a treo 300 and he buys that new $800 Toshiba 2032 (both for sprint). In the office we are bragging to everyone about how is is best and about how mine is best, so and and so forth.

    Our secretary then tells me "Well, when I change an appointment time in his outlook, it is automatically updated to his phone sir. but when I change an appointment in your, I have to hit the little button, and i may forget...."

    Which leads me to my question.....Is there ANYBODY OUT THERE who makes an application that will update my contacts, appointments, to-do's, and notes AUTOMATICALLY after they are changed on either device (more importantly the computer) where I dont have to worry about grabbing my treo300 and running and not having the stuff synched??


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    Not exactly instant, but this program works very nicely.

    I've been using this ever since my Palm V, didn't work on my i300 but it works perfectly on my Treo.
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    Personally, I don't like automatic synchronization. I often use the cradle to recharge, even if my PC is off. Moreover, programs like avantgo and backup buddy take a long tiime to operate; if they synced every time I change a contact, I would never get the treo out of its cradle.

    I also owned a Casiopeia. It seemed so unbelievably cool to check email with a half pound device. I still have it -- I think it is a collector's item.
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    2032 is seriously lacking in comparison in my opinion I'm versed in all sprintpcs smartphones trust me half of connections are locked where you can manually program yours

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