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    Yes, I too am patiently waiting for PDA Apps to release this new MO-SMS proggie for my new treo 300.

    At current, I am somewhat content with the way I have my system setup for messaging. I have my ISP send my desktop computer my emails AND split off and send it to also (which in fact gets to my phone faster then my PC) and then it just truncates the message to 160 characters, but thats enough to see if I want to read the email or not.

    If i do happen to want to read the email, I then have Sprint Business Connect Personal that allows me to check my desktop for the email. (FOR THOSE THAT DONT KNOW, YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE ANY SERVER SOFTWARE OR EXPENSIVE MICROSOFT STUFF TO MAKE BUSINESS CONNECT WORK, ALL YOU NEED IS A DSL CONNECTION & MS OUTLOOK TO MAKE IT WORK PERFECTLY AT HOME!) anyhow, Business connect is cool, i just hate that I have to pay $5 a month for it starting december. so I have a twist.......The thing is, I ALSO have EUDORA MAIL where I can download the email directly from the server.....HOW DID YOU DO THAT IF YOUR DESKTOP ALREADY PULLED IT FROM THE SERVER??? you ask...easy, I tell the desktops Outlook DO NOT delete mesages from the server for 5 days....that's how!

    I am testing both methods pros and cons and this is why....

    WHY DONT YOU JUST KEEP SPRINT BC AND TRASH EUDORA??? because for one, its a monthly charge and that adds up, for two, while im on the road, my home computer can loose its internet connection - then what?, for three logging on to BC from the Blazer browzer aint fast enought for a speed demon like me! SO WHY DO YOU LIKE SPRINT BC?? because Sprint BC allows me to see the headers of each email without pulling all of them down, and I love the Mail ATTACHEMENT feature it has for sending files from my home computer's my documents folder while im on the road in timbuktu somewhere. the calendar/contacts thing on BC is uselss for me, cause my treos is already updated everytime I hotsync.
    SO WHY DONT YOU JUST KEEP EUDORA AND CANCEL SPRINT BC? other then the reasons stated above, I know i can set eudora to grab just the first or second line of text, but after I do that, i then have to click a link on an email i want to read and then GO BACK and download again, and thats just too much. One cool thing about eudora is it allows me to check more then 1 POP account in a manner much more managable then BC's (add a pop) thingy they got goin' on. and lastly EUDORA allows me to SEND from more then one POP account which I have setup one as an interim SMS address. and when people reply to it, its sent directly to So the person Im talking to doesnt know the difference. the only extra step required of me is to open eudora and reply.

    For what it's worth, I just may cancel SPRINT BC and roll with eudora because i am NOT INTERESTED in paying for it, i may attach a documentent once a year if that to send from the road, and sending for the headers then resending for the email is not THAT THAT bad for right now, which leads me to my question (long prelude eh?)........

    UNTIL PDAApps release this new MO-SMS, is there ANYBODY OUT THERE who makes a program that I can put on my treo300 that will alow me to send a SMS to ANY AND ALL PHONE CARRIERS.....(i repeat) ANY-AND-ALL carries (nextel, sprint, tmobile, cingular, skytel, etc...) by simply entering the persons phone number??

    I have found a few WEB sites that do this, but I do not wish to navigate the blazer browser there to finally send this. I am looking for a built-in program that will pull the personal mobile number from my internal addressbook and send the sms for me. Because I don't know who uses what carrier, I want the application to figure that out for me.

    Anybody know of any?

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    well sms text messaging are two different things sms must derive from another handset as text messaging it's going to be a little flaky for awhile until sprintpcs releases their pcs im this is esspecially for vision and will inherent to the handsets which allow text messaging to be so much easier as for any more specifics I can't say I do
    know that when a new pda phone is release it usually is released lacking so you wait for a new software version for the phone and that fixes everything btw pcs im is to be released in oct.

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