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    Does anyone have any experience with this program? I saw it at It is supposed to allow you to control your PC from your Treo... that's seems very intriguing. However, does it actually work? Are the security issues too much to deal with? What kind of PC control do you get?
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    Hi, I've used the trial version of WinHand. It worked fine, but did not have any security. You have to buy it to get the secure version.

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    I decided to try to trial and see what it was all about. I use DSL and apparently you have to set up forwarding with your router. Amazingly, I tracked down how to do this on the Sprint DSL web site. I changed the router info as per win-hand and Sprint instructions but it still cannot connect. I sent a message to win-hand.

    Eric, are you on dialup, cable modem, DSL or T? If you got it to work, I suspect this is not a Treo issue as much as an IP issue.
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    might want to try palmvnc too... has pretty much similar functionality as win-hand, although I think win-hand claims it is faster. I've had palmvnc working on a 270.

    you can control a remote pc as if you were sitting in front of it, (although very slow on non high-speed connections) but palmvnc's advantage is that they support different operating systems like macs and unix.....
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    I have a cable modem (at&t) and router/firewall. One entry in the port forwarding table and connected fine.

    You to do the same thing for PalmVNC. It's not that much slower, but doesn't scale like WinHand.


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