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    Does anyone use Intellisync to synchronize their Treo to Novell Groupwise? Does it work okay? If so, what version of Intellisync and Groupwise?

    A fellow Groupwise victim thanks you.

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    Yes, I use Intellisync to synchronize my Treo 300 to GroupWise 5.5. I use the latest version of Intellisync for Palm, and I've had no problems whatsoever. It works flawlessly.

    Not so for you?
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    Sadly not. I don't own a Treo (I'm researching it, hence the post), but syncing my Palm V with Intellisync and Groupwise has been troublesome: Disappearing contacts, partial duplicate contacts, and inability to sync To Do/Task lists.

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    Which version of GroupWise do you use?
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    Version 5.5.5, I believe.

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    We use version Not sure if that makes a difference. Are you sure you've configuered all the Intellisync options correctly? You need to do so for each app (calendar, to do, address/contact, etc.), and there are many options. The default settings for most of the apps worked for me, but I had to modify a few (such as a few field mappings).
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    Toffa makes a product called SyncWise Pro. We use it to sync GW6 and Palm OS devices. Had some problems with corrupting contacts but all seems to be fixed.

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