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    Does anyone use Intellisync to synchronize their Treo to Novell Groupwise? Does it work okay? If so, what version of Intellisync and Groupwise?

    A fellow Groupwise victim thanks you.

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    Personally, I'd recommend SyncWise Pro ( ) or Synchronis ( ) over intellisync when it comes to Novell GroupWise.
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    manielse, why do you recommend the others? I've used Intellisync with Groupwise and have never had a problem. You've had problems with Intellisync?
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    I've never been big on programs that try to cover all things. Intellisync is one of those programs. It's very limited on what you can customize within GroupWise to sync. It's not supported with GroupWise 6 and I've heard several users that have had issues syncing with it. Of course, others can disagree...
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    I tested out Intellisync a a while ago, and although it worked very well with Groupwise, I was not impressed by the way it handled things like repeating events (which I have a lot of).

    On the Groupwise side, they got converted to individual events, and then the next time I synced, they got re-imported (since the conduit saw them as new events), so I ended up with tonnes of duplicate events on my Visor. It was a PITA to fix and I decided to dump Intellisync and stay with Palm Desktop.
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