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    I've been using this site for a couple years now - i have no problems sending to anyone, as long as i know their cell phone number. Just pop in the info, and you get a confirmation box telling you what network you just sent to.

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    Once I got the very easy to understand directions into my thick skull, it was simple. Thing is, I sent messages to my phone as a a test about and hour ago and still have not heard a peep from my phone. That compares to the instant response when sending the SMS through my wireless provider's SMS message page. Wonder why?
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    You seem to be correct! I've sent test messages to my Tmobile Treo, and to my other Verizon phone. This used to work instantly, to Verizon, ATT, many others (they have a list of carriers at the site) and I did get a confirmation that the message was submitted to the carrier. Hmmmm, I'll post again once i see it's working. --- sorry.....


    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

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    I've had decent luck with (another free service). Works pretty cleanly with Blazer, especially if you bookmark the right page.

    There was one day where I experienced a small outage, but other than that it's been fine on my 300.
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    you guys might want to try ive been using it for the past several months and it sends sms almost immediately

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