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    Originally posted by sketch
    Samsung now makes a V205 with a camera, color screen and TRI - MODE GSM capable.

    This is what the Treo should be because CDMA is much more popular than GSM in the US.

    The V205 is a triple-band GSM-only phone... runs on 800/1800/1900 Mhz. There's nothing unusual about that... there are dozens of tri-band GSM phones on the market. In fact, there's nothing particularly unusual about the V205 aside from the camera. I have an S105, a very similar phone (but no camera).

    The phone does NOT work with analog or CDMA networks. Or did you mean something else?

    I don't know of any phone that works with both CDMA and GSM networks. It's not impossible, but it would be a complex bit of engineering, and there are political and economic issues that make it very unlikely.

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    Originally posted by gkaatz
    Sketch - please keep me posted as to whether your replacement unit works better or not.

    I had a similar problem and the replacement phone fixed it perfectly (well, *almost* as good as the Nokia 3390 it replaced). Worse than the bad reception was the 30 secs at the start of some phone calls where they could hear me but I couldn't hear them - unless I had my headset plugged.

    Anyone else noticed how plugging in (or removing) your headset drops the current call. Stupid design. The Nokia doesn't do that (sure is nice they use the same headset though!).
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    I've had a phone ever since the 10th grade, and I'm now a junior at PSU. Ove the years I've had CellularOne which turned into Cingular, At&T, Verizon, Sprint, Voicestream which I currently have AND Nextel. I gotta say that Verizon is by far the best in service range. An Voicestream is at the bottom of the wireless ladder. I haven't had one friend that calls my phone and doesn't xomplain that he has a hard time reaching me. The treo was a neat phone at first, but now everyone asks why I spent so much money on it. Maybe I should look into getting my radio fixed too.
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    It seems I get the worst reception in my office cubicle...

    whether it be the computer...or the close walls that throw off the phone I have no idea....

    but I always have to get up and walk to the break room when i get a mobile call.

    I think I may get a sprint 300, or some other palm based phone organizer. But I will definitely return it if it doesn't sound good in the trial/returnable period.
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    Hey sketch, your not alone man. Here's my situation. I used to get no service in Baltimore with my first treo. I mean I literally did not have a phone conversation over 1 minute long without the phone dropping the call. I only received, I'd say about 25% of my calls. I finally decided to take the time to call Handspring and get a replacement. Now I get the best service out of all the services I've had. I've had every single old and new cell phone service to compare it to. Sprint, cellulae one, cingular, Bell south, ATT, verizon, and I even had nextel. I'd have to say within the city T-mobile gives me the best service out of any of these services, pretty much up there with Verizon. Out of the city os a different story. BUT, my speaker just failed on me, so I must call Handspring AGAIN and ask them to send me a new one AGAIN. Hopefully this one fails on me too, then I get a 270 . I have been in Denver recently with my Treo and I got phenominal service.
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    I've traveled from NY to CA, with frequent airport stops in between, and had nothing but great reception with T-Mo. I've been so happy with them and my Treo 270, that two weeks ago, I had my land line removed altogether!
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    Now I can't hear the other person for the first 20-30 seconds of a call...this is especially annoying with answering machines...

    Sometimes I can't even hear it ringing when i make a call....what's the friggin deal?

    They can hear me...but I can't hear them.
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