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    I've noticed my treo lights up when i get a call.

    So even in the dark you can see it better when this happens.

    Does anyone know how to make the screen do this on command so I can see the screen in the dark to make a call?

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    By double-clicking the power button
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    Install Hackmaster and GlowHack and set the light to come on whenever it is dark and you do anything on the 180. I have my backlight set to come on anytime between 8pm and 6am. Set it and forget it. It really makes the 180 way more usable at night.
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    so where do I get those two nifty little programs?
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    On I found this url: It contains Glowhack which is freeware. On the same page is a link to Hackmaster, which is shareware.
    Glowhack seems like a really neat thing to have so I am planning to install it.
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    Is there any hack that does inverse, I mean that take the backlight off when a call is coming ?
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    I just wish the buttons all lit up or at least had some glow in the dark film on it so I could see the darn letters and numbers.

    Anyone know if they sell a glow in the dark pen with a extra fine tip?

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