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    I can't establish a connection to sprint this morning and can't even get to their web site.

    I live in south fl.

    Is anyone else experiencing these problems or do I - after only one week - have a defective phone?
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    I noticed last night that I had a "No service" indication on my phone. I drove around town and wasn't able to connect anywhere. Also the battery level seemed to be lower than it should have been so I charged it up. But this morning the unit wouldn't even turn on, the batteries were dead. I have recharged them again and am leaving the wireless off to see what happens to the batteries now. When the Sprint store opens in a couple of hours I intend to go and ask them about it, as if they would have a clue.
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    I'm not having any problems connecting to their website, nor am I having any data problems with the Treo connecting this morning. Though my email client, iambic, does not seem to be able check messages for my mail account (it's not having problems with the other two accounts it checks).

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    I also had the same problem- also live in south florida- it freak me out , thought the phone had gone bad,...but did a SOFT RESET and everything is back to normal. Heard some other people saying that they were having problem with there normal phone service.
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    Right after I posted this mornings reply I did a warm reset and that solved my problem. A soft reset may have worked, but I didn't try that.

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