After the extreme success of the first Woman release (which was so successful it made competing companies copy it to the last detail) Beiks has been quiet for a while, but now is getting back in business with not one, but two totally rebuilt versions of Woman!

Here is a recap of the most important details:

The new release for Palm OS was rebuilt from the ground up

~ Woman 5.0 for Palm OS has a whole load of new features as well as some important fixes; for complete list see the revision history at Woman's home page
~ The update to Woman 5.0 for Palm OS comes FREE to current customers
~ The new version requires Palm OS 3.5 or higher in order to run; apologies to all users who are stuck with older Palm OS versions...we just *had* to do it
~ There is a new User Manual
~ The estimates have been expanded and improved and are supposedly more accurate than in the older Woman 3.12
~ The new program changes the registration model; current customers will have to install the program first and then enter a registration code; apologies for the inconvenience!

But wait, there's more:

~ Starting with Woman 5.0, Beiks introduces a Windows desktop version of the application
~ Woman for Microsoft Windows is a separate application; we could not provide current customers with it free of charge, however, for a limited time they can get it at half its market price by logging at the MYSTUFF zone at and following the update link

To see more details about the new release and download it, go to its page at

Woman 5.0 has been publicly tested before release and got excellent feedback! Try it out and see for yourself why.

Beiks, LLC team