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    Problem: Ever get tired of having to press the blue and home button to get to the Application Launcher? Would you like to dedicate just a button for this often-used function?

    Solution: Give up one of your least used buttons.. between the appt calendar / contacts / ToDo / Notes, Notes is probably the least used. With this in mind, launch the Preferences application and select the Button category and assign Applications on the Notes button. If you want to quickly access MemoPad or WordSmith, create a separate category for WordSmith in the Application launcher and re-assign WordSmith under the WordSmith category instead of Main for instance.

    Now you have the far right bottom button exclusively to quickly launch the application launcher.. pressing the same button a few more times to cycle to the WordSmith category will speed up acces to your WordSmith or MemoPad.. not a bad trade-off don't you think?

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    Another option is LazyLauncher: (but his page appears to be down for the moment) It's freeware that pops up a list of all your apps and prefs when you hold down an assigned hardware button. Type the first letter of the app you want. Scroll with button to highlight, press return and it opens the app. Sounds a little more complex than it is in real use. If only one app is under that character it opens it. So to get XMaster, I hold down my memo button and press x and I'm there. It also puts my security prefs screen three button presses away. Palm's app screen can also be fired up from the list. It's ideal for treo, since you don't lose a button.

    I had to completely rethink launching apps, but now find this faster than anything I've used on my Edge. McPhling is another option that Treo users really like. It pops up a controllable list of favorites and recently used apps. The only shortcoming of this method is that you have still have to use the apps screen to get to little used apps.
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    The link for LazyLauncher is now here...

    Check this out!
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    For me, the Wordsmith program took over the memo button and it deserves to. It's one of my most used programs - I have all my reference documents for my work on it.

    The ToDo button is also taken up by a very useful program, Pocket Quicken 2. This allows me to record financial transactions on the fly better.

    The other Datebook and Addressbook apps are too important to boot off the buttons.

    But I don't really mind pressing blue and home buttons. I've gotten used to it I guess.
    I'm happy to see you AND it's a Treo in my pocket!

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