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    I know we have gone around this issue before but I wanted to find out what was new and efficient.

    I have the Handspring holster and it is sturdy but not terribly well designed for the Treo 300. Many buttons cannot be accessed and you cannot open the phone in the holster. Personally I do not find removing the Treo from the holster as easy as it could be.

    Anyone know of a holster or case that is more Treo user friendly?

    Thanks all
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    I researched all the ones currently available and chose the Casetech one for the 300. It's very versatile and well made. I travel a lot and wanted protection but easy access. It gives you all that. It's better than the holster or the pouch. The only complaint people have is that the attach point of the clip is a little low Cg-wise. Sometimes it rotates too much. It doesn't bother me.

    Give them a call; they can explain it all to you. They are very helpful and ship same day from Austin. They even let me use my own FedEx acct and I got it the next day.
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    I have a black leather holster from Vaja ( It is extremely well made BUT you cannot access anything. You have to pull the 300 out. I think it would be a wonderful case if I could see the status light blinking and could charge the 300 while still in its case.

    The case is very smart looking.
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    Sorry, in my earlier post, the link to the Vaja site wasn't entirely accurate for the Treo case. Here it is:
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    I first bought the holster from Seidio thinking it would fit the 300, but apparently it only fits the 180 and 270. I'm sending it back. I tried it with my friends 180. Initial impression is that the quality is pretty low. The plastic is like the one for the I300 selling on e-bay for $10. $25 is way over priced.

    I then ordered and just received the Handspring holster. The plastic is very high quality like the ones Samsung and Motorola sell OEM. Pretty easy to take in and out once you get used to it. The only down side is that the scroll wheel is not exposed. In the car I have a mount where I can clip the holster but I can't speed dial with the scroll wheel because it is blocked when I'm wearing my headset. I also liked the Seidio's ability to open up the Treo while still in the holster. Again, using it in the car mounted in it's holster would be easier to do.

    In any case Seidio claims to be coming out with one at the end of September. I'll put that in the car and wear the Handspring one.
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    What type of car mount do you use by the way. I am looking for one with extendable arm and window suction cup
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    I've gone with the knub that you stick on the back. marquel has one that comes with a vent clip, belt clip and a couple sticky knubs. So far it's worked great. ALOT better than the handspring version of the belt clip.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Also consider the Leather International holster, reviewed on TreoCentral.

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