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    TreoMail is very good, but it could be even better if Handspring added the following features in the next version:

    • Ability to check and send from multiple e-mail accounts
    • Ability to add a default BCC, so all e-mail sent from Treo Mail sends a BCC to the same address every time (useful for having a copy back on the desktop)
    • More advanced filters, especially the ability to filter on the "to:" line, not just the "from:" and "subject:" lines
    • Support for attachments
    • Even more frequent checking of e-mail (every 15 minutes)
    • Ability to create multiple mailboxes and move messages between them (including moving from "deleted" to "in")
    • Better use of jog dial (such as to do a manual "send and receive" with the jog dial rather having to use the stylus)
    • Synchronization with common desktop e-mail applications

    If TreoMail already supports any of these features, please speak up! Or, if you have additional suggestions for TreoMail, please add to this list!
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    Good suggestions. However, note that you can do a manual send and receive in TreoMail by pressing the menu button (lower right, right above mail button), and then pressing A. While this takes 2 key presses, at least you need not use the stylus.
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    Notification everytime you have new email and not just on the first incoming mail. Once you get an SMS notification that you have new mail, unless you retreive it, thats the only notification you will get! Not cool!
    For the Internet Edition, stop duplicating emails between TreoMail and your desktop. Every time I collect email from Treo mail, I get it again at home and vice versa!
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    did you send this to handspring?

    add no, mail size limit.

    I downloaded treo mail for the 30 day trial. It lasted less than five days.
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    I just learned that you can do a "send and receive" in Treo Mail simply by pressing and holding down (for 1 full second or so) the physical e-mail button (the fourth of the four launcher buttons) on the bottom of the Treo!
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    Here's another suggestion for version 2 .0 of TreoMail: auto-complete e-mail addresses.
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    According to The Wall Street Journal, "Handspring plans an improved version [of TreoMail] soon with more features."

    Let's hope the suggested features in this thread will be included! (Are you listening, Handspring?)
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    My biggest complaint with TreoMail, and it's a showstopper for me, is latency - the period between the time email is delivered to my mail host and the time TreoMail can deliver it. This averages 7 minutes or so, but can be as long as 15 minutes. I can get SMS confirmation of new email within 5 seconds of its arrival at my mail host, yet I might have to wait 15 minutes to read it. Needless to say, I found TreoMail exasperating to use. It's also slow sync'ing and expensive to boot.

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