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    I just wrote a message this morning detailing how I had problems getting on to the 3g network, but then it finally worked.

    I've been surfing flawlessly for two days, when I had to manage my account on and therefore the system prompted me to change my password.

    BIG MISTAKE! But I couldn't get around it. A couple of users on this form had problems after changing their password and so did I - and STILL DO!

    I've been on hold for tech support for two hours today. I spoke to 3 different tech reps - and they ALL had 3 different answers to my problem.

    Today, I've reset my palm five times. I've Reset the phone to its defaults (##pri) nine times, and changed my password four times! Also, one tech support person reset my username. I've also visited a Sprint store and another rep told me to exchange my phone (there are none in stock in my area). Another rep gave me a trouble ticket number and told my to call them in 72hrs!!!

    So far no one can agree what the problem is. But I do know by talking to all the tech people today is that they are averaging over 200 people on hold, and the number is growing everyday.

    3G was rolled out way too early.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. I haven't decided. But I know I'm one frustrated customer. I may just give up the web stuff for a year or so or try AT&T. It depends how much more time I need to solve my problem - or should I say Sprints...

    Good luck everyone.
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    After you change your vision password you will need to assign the new password in the network settings and then WAIT. When I first changed my vision password and was unable to connect, I freaked out and went to the website to change it again. When my second password still didn't work, I assumed there would be a delay in the password change. I just assigned the new password in the network settings and then put my Treo 300 aside for a few hours. When I tried the vision service later in the day in connected right away. You just need to calm down and be patient. It would be nice if sprint had a notice on the site that said the password change would take a few hours. If it is posted somewhere it's not easy to find...

    Hope my experience helps!

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    I guess part of the problem is that no tech support person can agree on just what to do. 2 hrs is the absolute most a techie said to wait until signing back on - he said he could see the status on his computer and if it looked a certain way it should work - it didn't. Another person told me I shouldn't have to wait at all.

    Two other techies said that they could not access my settings at all - password and id - they said it wasn't possible. Another techie changed it for me! I verified it by signing onto

    Anyways, I'll play the waiting game tonight and see what happens. If I could have got someone at sprint to actually tell me to wait it would have been simple, and saved me a lot of frustration and time.

    Hopefully back on tommorow...
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    Trust me some error 67 situations are worse than others!! I have not been able to get data since I have had the phone -- 3 weeks now.

    I have tried everything mentioned a zillion times! I am on my second ticket -- first one got screwed up by being entered wrong in my record!

    Point is, yes be patient wait the two hours and see if that works, but make sure you get a ticket generated in case the simple stuff doesn't work.

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