Here's an email I sent to Basejet:

"I just tried you software after hearing about it on It works well except for the fact that it doesn't support user-created folders per your FAQ #41. I currently have filters running to send email to different folders, not just the inbox. The Basejet software should allow you to specify which folders you want to "sync" from. I do have some folders that email is filtered to on my desktop that I wouldn't want on my Treo because it's not necessary (server status messages, newsletters, etc.)

Unfortunately, this is a dealbreaker for me. I realize that one way around it is to change some of my filters to copy messages instead of move them but then my inbox becomes cluttered with duplicates which I don't want. I will have to check back with you every once in a while to check on your progress. Definitely keep up the god work. I like everything else about it.


Any comments or similar experiences? Just wondering.