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    I'd like to VPN into my company's network, but can't find any VPN programs that work on my Treo. I had a Pocket PC before, and VPN was built into the OS. Unfortunately, there is no standard VPN support w/ the Palm OS.

    Has anyone been able to successfully VPN from their Treo, and if so, what VPN application did you use?
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    Wow that would be great! I thought I had just about all the wireless apps that I need running. But a VPN client would be super, hadn't even thought about it. I'd like one that would support Cisco so I could get into work, and would also support the Linksys BEFVP41 (so I can get into my home LAN).

    Shouldn't be too tough to build - Cisco announced today that their VPNs were so full of holes anything can get in!

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    Mergic VPN is available from palmgear $30
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    Originally posted by waltndi
    Mergic VPN is available from palmgear $30
    Doesn't work for me and my Treo 300
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    hmm... tried playing with it, but it asked me for a phone number to set up the dialup.

    It appears that it's not 3g aware?

    Oh well, I'd love to know if anyone gets it to work... I'd like to be able to use palmVNC, but I need to be in my network to get it to work.

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    Pulled this off Mergic's site...

    Q: How do I configure the network connection when using the Treo 300 on Sprint?

    A: Unfortunately you can not use Mergic VPN to connect over the Sprint network when using the Treo 300. The Sprint network service that is built-in to the Treo 300 does not use the Palm OS virtual driver interfaces that are required by Mergic VPN to encrypt network traffic.
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    I've no idea if it will work with the treo but I've successfully used movian vpn with my visor platinum and a checkpoint firewall for the last year.

    You have to request a demo copy which lasts for 30 days then if it works for you, it costs c. $30

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