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    Sprint Treo 300 - $100 Service credit

    I been trying to find out about the $100 service credit for the treo 300 and sprint does not know anything about it
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    Not sure about a Sprint service credit, but Handspring has a rebate form if you bought through them (I guess). I did, end-August, and am now waiting for a response to an e-mail sent to them asking if early adopters can also apply for this deal (deal is for 9/1/2002 on buyers).

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    Reply from Handspring, so now I get to call and wait on-hold forever....

    Thank you for contacting Handspring.

    For assistance please call the Customer Care team at 1-888-565-9393
    during the hours of 6am to 6pm PST Monday through Friday, and 9am to 1pm

    I see that there is a $100 rebate for those who purchased a Treo 300 after
    9/1/2002 and who are upgrading from a previous Palm OS. I am one of these
    people, however, I ordered my Treo at the end of August and received it the
    end of August. What about us? Can we be included in the same rebate? This
    is very unfair for us early adopters who took the chance with the Treo 300,
    and we would like to be included in this rebate as well.



    Thank You,
    Handspring Sales


    Ok, called Handspring and spoke with Chad. He said that any purchase of a Handspring Treo 300 will be valid with the rebate. He said to print off the rebate form from the Handspring site, fill it out, mail it with my old Visor and purchase receipt, and I should get the rebate.

    If I don't, I have his name, extension, and a reference number to call with any problems.... He added my call into his call list under my name and e-mail addy.

    So, I would encourage you to call Handspring and get the same information. If they won't, let me know by personal e-mail via this site and I'll give you Chad's contact information (don't want him to be flooded with calls ;->)

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