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    I just found out about the $100 rebate that Sprint is offering on the Treo. The offer is only good if you bought your Treo on or after 9/1. I bought mine 15 days ago... if I had bought it 14 days ago, I would return it, repurchase it and send in my old Palm III for the rebate.
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    Yea I'm pretty upset we early adoptors were left out .
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    I wonder if there's some way we can nag Sprint into giving us the same rebate. I'll call my business accounts number in the next day or two and let everyone know what I find out.

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    I have the answer!!

    I called Handspring and they said that if I had purchased through them (meaning off of on August 11th or later I could submit the form and despite the dates being different from what is on the form I would be credited the $100. However, since I bought via a Sprint store I was advised to call Sprint.

    When I did call Sprint they said if I had purchased by August 18th I could submit the form and they would honor the $100 rebate. I asked why their policy was different from Handspring’s and they simply answered that Handspring is being more generous (hrrrmmm).

    I meant to ask Sprint what if someone had purchased in retail, but forgot to. I am quite sure that Sprint would be the ones to answer that particular question, not Handspring.

    I hope that helps people! So if you bought off of Handspring’s web site on the 11th or later you can get the rebate… If you bought via a Sprint store on the 18th or later you can also get the rebate… In other cases I don’t know.
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    Thanks for the research, Fyr. I haven't had a chance to call Sprint yet. I'm one of those retail customers (CompUSA) and am not too hopeful.

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    Thanks a lot Fyr654321. I got mine via, so I'll see how it goes.
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    I am a retail store customer who bought my treo on August 22. I just call called Sprint and they said that I could only get a $50 rebate and the form was only available at the store. I'll go into the store tomorrow and see what happens.

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