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    Finally passed the first billing date, so now my usage is viewable online (don't get me started on how crazy that is...). Anyways, I see my calls, and it looks like Sprint bills slightly higher then Cell Plan tracker does but I can live with that as long as it doesn't push me over the limit. What I'm wondering, though, is where does it give you your data usage? Or is that hidden until you blow your quota away and they sock you with a monster charge?

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    my guess is that they are still working on the data tracking and billing so you can't see it right now. That is why they opted for 3 months of data to be free of charge.
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    Originally posted by Brooose
    my guess is that they are still working on the data tracking and billing so you can't see it right now. That is why they opted for 3 months of data to be free of charge.
    I sure hope you're right because I really don't know how much data I've been using - it seems like a lot because I've been trying all the different wireless apps trying to get the thing to do what I thought it would out-of-the-box (email & SMS).

    The price in the brosure is 2 cents/KB; which is about $20/MB. So, if I'm over by 10MB, that's $200.

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    Sprint does not have the software in place to track our data usage, according to several Tier 2 tech people I spoke with weeks ago. They are expecting to have it running sometime within this initial 3 month time frame, but until that time is up won't be charging us for overrage. I agree - it sure would be nice to have Cell Tracker track our data usage so we'd have a good idea of how much we'll use before the 3 months is up and Sprint nails us with a mega-charge. Until that time, though, I'm using all the data I can, baby!
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    I was told today, by a sprint rep that since Tuesday, I have used 57K of data, he didnt realize it was not accessable on the web, or the *4 but also no mention of free data either???
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    They're so clueless, the rep I just spoke to insisted that data usage was on the SprintPCS website. Though how could I take her seriously, as she didn't know what I was initially talking about - until after I was on hold for 15 minutes!

    Anyways, that aside, I saw this interesting tidbit on the Sprint website:

    Data usage calculated on a per kilobyte basis and is rounded up to the next whole kilobyte at the end of each session or clock hour. Excess monthly data usage is charged $.02 per kilobyte.
    Isn't that nice, they'll do their best to get you to your data limit by rounding your usage up for you!

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    Like others have said on this forum - Sprint is a couple of months from being able to track data and give the customer information regarding those numbers.

    It's actually a smart marketing move on their part - give us almost unlimited useage and gets us all hooked. Then we will all be begging for those costly unlimited plans - if they ever surface.

    In the meantime, I'm looking forward to another day in frustration tracking down another T300 to see if it solves my 67 error...
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    I wrote sprint regarding unlimited data usage the 1st 3 months.

    Their response:

    I can understand your concern regarding data usage with the new Sprint
    PCS Vision plans.

    Kindly note that if you opt for the new Vision plans being offered by
    Sprint PCS, you will not incur overage on data usage for the first
    three months. This implies that you can have unlimited data usage
    without charge.

    If you have any other concerns or inquiries regarding Sprint PCS
    service, please write back to us. We will be glad to assist you.

    We appreciate your understanding and look forward to assisting you in
    the future.

    Thank you for contacting Sprint PCS.

    Nitin M.
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    I'm not concerned about the first 3 months. My concern comes in the fourth month when I suddenly get a bill, and I've never had any idea how much data I previously downloaded. How can I plan ahead if I don't know what I'm currently using?

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    According to this response from SPCS, you will only be able to find out your data usage (i.e., kBytes transferred) on your invoice -- when it's too late to prevent over-usage! I hope this is not going to remain the case in 2.5 months, but the message doesn't say there are any plans to change this. I suggest that we all complain loudly to Sprint about this...

    As an alternative, maybe some kind soul can write an app that can keep track of data usage?

    I understand your inquiry regarding the data bucket usage.

    Please note the data bucket is free for first three months. You will not be able to track down the usage of data on the web site and through *4TALK. The usage will reflect on your invoice only.

    Thank you for contacting Sprint PCS.

    Kalpana S.

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