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    any good free ebook readers?
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    I like Wordsmith which is free as a reader, and has a limited number of editing sessions. I also have Palm Reader for formats not handled by wordsmith. Below is a link to a comparison of several readers, not all are free.

    The Gadgeteer
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    My votes are:

    CSpotRun, especially with the Kopsis FlashAdaptor programs for the FlashPlus or Matchbook Drive

    Palm Reader

    Wordsmith free version

    Besides the Gadgeteer, you can also find information at the great site
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    I've tried several, but my favs are iSilo free and ReadThemAll.
    ReadThemAll has an auto-scroll feature that's easy on the eyes.
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    QED - Very powerful doc editor, free as a reader. Very stable.
    K Reader - Tiny and easy to use. Freeware

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