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    I haven't seen a discussion yet on how the new Sprint Mail compares versus the Treo Mail (still in beta?). I'm still debating between the Treo 270 versus Treo 300.

    Anyone seen the carrier T-mobile? They have good anytime rates advertised in the newspaper, but I don't know if they support the Treo 270.
    Alice Linden
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    I've been using the Sprint email (Wireless web email) and it's worked for a week or so. All of a sudden, I can't send any mail through it. I can still receive mail but they've suddenly disabled the ability to relay email. Don't know if this is a temporary problem or it should have been that way all the time - indicating they never intended you to connect to it remotely and send email messages - just though their web interface.
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    no matter which treo, go for Corsoft's Aileron. I think it's the best email program so far. You can customize it to suit your need, especially WHEN to collect emails. I was so disappointed with treomail because you have no control on when the treomail server should collect your emails and when not to. By the end of the day, I will have ALL the email I have read already and spam on the server, waiting for me to waste 5 minutes to download them all. With Aileron, it will only collect your email when you sign on, and you can choose what and how much to download.
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    Aileron is indeed outstanding, but I've suffered from a lot of problems with the software hanging during connections, apparently due to the arrival of SMS messages (and perhaps other things as well). Their customer service is outstanding, but I won't purchase until its a little cleaner.
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    I've tried Aileron (and kept it for a long time - but also had a problem with stability as well, both on the desktop client/redirector, as well as on the Palm side), and I've tried other wireless mail programs as well. Some time back, I found and settled on DataViz' Inbox To Go. They're still in a (free for now) beta program. The best part is that they support attachments via Docs To Go, and also the ability to access attachments wirelessly. You can save them, edit them, and send them out to others. Very nice. A major bummer, though, is no SMS alert nor push function. So - I'm also giving Business Connection a shot, and I'm torn btw BC and Inbox To Go. Both have good features....
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    Ok, I figured out the Sprint outgoing email problem. It requires authorization (just like Yahoo). Don't know why it didn't for the first week or two I used it, but now it does. So I'm back in business with Sprint mail.

    What makes this so nice, is that you can forward any incoming mail to your Treo via SMS so you get instant email notification. The SMS message will contain the first 160 or so characters of the mail message so you'll know whether you need to retrieve the whole message now or later!

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