Newly registered to this board, but been using my 270 since June. Yes, I've had to return and replace it due to the screen problem; and yes, I'm frustrated by the lack of GPRS. Handspring has been excellent at standing up to the issues. A phone call and the swap was simply done.

I went from the Kyocera Smartphone to the 270 primarily due to the fact that I ran out of memory on the Smartphone. However, and in spite of the fact that Verizon's net access was working very well, I think the Treo is hands down a better conceived product. I am both a heavy PDA user as well as a phone user. The 270 is significantly better at integrating these functions into a more user friendly device. (Taping out a name search while driving is dangerous!) And the next generation Kyocera is no better.

I never considered any of the MS Ce devices, for the same reasons as above and other well-written issues. The more I use the Treo the more I feel they got the design right. So a couple more months - even though I will be traveling to Europe, Canada, throughout the US, all in the next three months and past three, I've survived. Remember, it really was just a few years ago that we all were reaching for our phone card while holding our filofax! (Though I have been on some form of PDA since the first Sharp Wizard.)

I've been on the bleeding edge for many years. I've learned for past frustrations. So while not happy, why waste energy bit&hing? The car analagy, for example - try this perspective instead: knowing it is cutting edge, learn alternative BEFORE they are needed. For example, in scuba diving people are trained to have built-in redundancies - and not just one, but two. If traveling without my laptop and only the Treo, I check for internet access at/near where I will be; even (heaven forbid!) printing out important aspects of travel and communication needs.

(The idea of a stranded $80k beamer having to use the bus or train does bring a smile, though!):shortcut: