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    I'm wondering whether anyone else out there is having trouble with accessing some Vision services on the 300. In particular, I have no access to a "vault" (whatever that is), ringers, short mail, and pcs mail. Anyone?
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    Take a look through this entire discussion'll read about all the problems. There are ways around most of them, but bottom line is don't depend on Sprint customer service...they're worthless!

    That being said, I've gotten the Treo to do everything I want it to do (except to send SMS easily). That includes web surfing, email from/to multiple accounts, etc. I just don't use any of Sprint's services (including their email platform).
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    what are you using for smtp mail server (to send email)?
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    I'm using the Corsoft Aileron product. Check out the "Sending Mail on POP3 Account" thread for a great summary of all the ways to pull email.
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    Same Here.

    I got so fed up with my Vision services being dorked up and untrained tech support I dug through Sprint PCS' last Security Exchange filing for the President's phone number and called him.

    Charles E. Levine can be reached at 913-624-3000.

    Supposedly, his assistant is Richard Layne and can be reached at 866.217.9236. He actually worked to esculate my problem, but it is still unresolved going into the thrid week. Sigh.

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