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    For SprintPCS mail:

    POP Server:
    SMTP Server:

    Your username will be, where "xxxxx" is specific to your actual name. Your username can be found on the SprintPCS web site.

    Your password is your SprintPCS password, NOT your vision password (if you have one). Again, see the SprintPCS web site if you need to figure out your SprintPCS password.
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    Originally posted by sgruby
    You might want to take a look at the latest Mark/Space Mail beta <>.

    It does:

    1) Periodic checking
    2) Checking with lid closed (assign one of the hard buttons to the app)
    3) Multiple accounts
    4) True POP3 (no server in between)
    5) Supports thumbwheel for scrolling (I just checked)

    Works well for me. (I'm biased because I wrote it; however, download the demo and try it for yourself.)
    This program is THE best email prog for your Palm/Treo. I ordered that paid version on Friday on their Yahoo store and have not received any response from their support or sales staff. I emailed them a few times since Friday and all I get are autoresponders.

    I would love to see the following features added to the markspace email client:

    1. Ability to set priorities when sending mail (high, normal, low etc.)
    2. Ability to sort emails by clicking on a specific column.
    3. Ability to add remove or customize columns.
    4. Word replacement. For example if I type "u" I'd like it replaced automatically with "you."
    5. Better response time from support!
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