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    Are we talking aboy the same thing? I don't see, nor have ever seen, a single entry in my call log for a data connection. The log only lists actual voice calls. I see my Treo going through the connection process ONLY after I've turned it off/on, reset, or after an extened period of idleness.
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    My call log is full of them. If I look at the log pre and post data connection I'll see a new entry added to the log.

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    I don't have any data calls in my log either, just voice.
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    I don't have any data calls in my call log, either. Dunc, are you sure you haven't set up some app that is using the circuit-switched side to make "data calls", rather than using the 3G packet network (also known as 1xRTT)?
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    So perhaps my phone is provisioned wrong? All my data apps cause an entry to be put in the call log: VNC, Blazer, TopGun, etc. Not sure what I might have installed to screw up my data connections. Anyone have any thoughts? Short of spending 2 1/2 hours on hold how can I verify my data connection settings?

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    Ya got me! I'm not sure how it could do what you're saying it is doing. Makes no sense.

    When you go on the SPCS site, and check your current usage, does it look right (eg, just voice minutes, not data minutes)?
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    I don't have any data calls in my call log, either. Dunc, are you sure you haven't set up some app that is using the circuit-switched side to make "data calls", rather than using the 3G packet network (also known as 1xRTT)?
    Come on, doesn't anyone have any *Cell Modem entries in their call history? My log is full of them. I just got of the phone w/ Sprint (imagine that). I got escalated twice. "Hank" says that their documentation says that an entry should be made in the call log whenever the device connects to the 3G network. Clicking on details will show you what port you came in on to their network - mine says 777. All three reps that I spoke to said the same thing - "the network is by no means an always on network. The phone will connect and disconnect to the network as needed." So now I'm more confused then ever - especially if no one is seeing similar results.

    Oh, also - they confirmed that my data is going over 3G (I've used 156K since Monday), and not the old Wireless Web means.

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    Just double data call record at all!
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    I have "* Cell Modem" All over the place.
    Every time I request data, it dials out "777"

    Is everyone else yust dialing up once and leaving the connection going ?

    If there is a better way to set this up I would shure like to know, and I thank everyone for bringing this to my attention.
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    I use the web all the time (I estimate 1MB/day) and have call entries going back three weeks. Not a single entry for data (as I'd expect).
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    Sounds like you're using the old 2G system, instead of the 3G (although I have no idea how to set up 3G just started working all by itself after getting activated). In other words, sounds like you're actually dialing out and using minutes, instead of using the packet-based system. No helpful hints here.
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    I agree with sbcrair's comment. You're definitely using the 2G system; it sounds like the phone was provisioned incorrectly. Time for more wasted hours with Tech Support, I'm afraid.
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    I downloaded every email prog possible since I bought the Treo and Marks email client rocks.
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    I found a new setting (for me anyway)

    In System / Prefs / Network
    If you go to the menu Options / Preferences

    There is a single check box that says
    "Connect to data network whenever wireless mode is powered on"

    Is everyone useing this feature ?
    (Mine was turned off)
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    hmm, hadn't seen that option before. Mine was turned off too. Turned it on, we'll see what happens.

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    I found the feature soon after getting the phone; very valuable if you like to keep the data channel open.
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    How do we set which browser should be used for URLs that are within an email ?
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    That check mark just makes sure that whenever the phone is on and the network is available, it connects to the network (touch on the "i" in the upper right corner of the dialog box, and it will give you details). Otherwise, "your communicator will only register with the network when data services are needed."
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    2 perhaps stupid, but none the less real, questoins.

    1.) what are the names for the sprintpcs mail pop3 server and smtp servers?
    I would like to get my sprintpcs mail on my treo using eudora and need server names and any other configuration (security, ...) info necessary.

    2.) any ideas about why my ISP server rejects email sent from eudora on my treo 300 because it looks like it has a spoofed IP address? My ISP is time warner roadrunner, btw.


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    #2 is common with many ISP's - they only allow you to send mail through their servers if you are physically on their network. In other words, if your IP isn't in their IP block, no joy. You might try checking your mail first (CHECK ONLY!), then manually send in a separate request. That works for some ISP's, but not many. If it doesn't work, you're probably out of luck.

    I couldn't find a suitable auto-pull POP3 client, so I use Eudora in combination with auto-forwarding from the server that generates an SMS on my Treo. After only a week, I can't live without it.

    I'm in the hosting/colocation business - I've considered offering inbound and outbound mail only service for Treo owners since I got mine. If there's enough interest, I'd be willing to put up a SMTP server and issue ID's good for receiving or sending mail from a Treo (or any other device) for a small monthly or annual fee.

    Open invitation: drop me a line if you'd pay for this, and tell me what it's worth to you. (Looking in the neighborhood of $5/month maybe?)
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