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    I know some people have cobbled together an adaptor for a Stowaway to hook up their Treo to one built for a Visor. Well, if you want to give it a shot, you can pick up a Stowaway for the Visor on the cheap:
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    any links you can point me to for info on doing the "cobbling" ?

    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    I know some people have cobbled together an adaptor for a Stowaway to hook up their Treo to one built for a Visor.
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    Miradu is supposedly releasing one...I was hoping he would release the article with enough time before school starts so I could take notes in class...oh well...patience is virtue, look at Launcher X, though my opnions on that are reserved.
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    Just purchased a "Micro Wireless Link" keyboard from Micro Innovations. It's a lot like a Stowaway except it works on IR. Here's the thing -- it comes with this very wierd stand that has a revlective mirror on the top that is supposed to angle the beam of the IR to your Treo. Doesn't work very well and not at all with the flip lid on the Treo.

    But - here's cool workaround. The software that comes w/ the keyboard allows you to rotate the screen to any 90 degree angle. So, I simple reverse the screen, lean the Treo on my case and open the case so that it doesn't intefere with my view of the screen or the keyboard - works well.

    Only drawback is that you have to 'disable' the keyboard via a software button on the Treo before synching or beaming.

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    I have the same worked pretty well with my Visor, but I couldn't get it to work with the did you get it to work?
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    Just followed the instructions step by step - not sure I did anything special though. The instructions were a little unclear - had to guess which way the positive on the battery went, etc.

    Somtimes I have to go in and turn the enabler off and then on to get it to connect up -- then it appears to work fine.
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    ok...i'll try it later on and let you know what happens...
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    It works, it works! Hallelujah!

    I bought this keyboard for my Visor before I bought the Treo, simply because i thought it would work with the Treo (because of the IR connection, instead of a hard connection). When I tried it, I couldn't get it to battery must have been dead! ARRRRRRRRGH!

    Now it makes it so much easier to take notes, do longer emails.
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    I've been using the Micro Wireless Link with a Treo 270 for some time, but I found it would cause WordSmith's display to disappear when I tried to reverse the screen. I sent an email to WordSmith customer support about the problem, and they advised me to turn FineType fonts off. I did that, and it's worked perfectly since.

    In WordSmith, go to Options, then Display Options, then make sure the box by "Use FineType fonts" is NOT checked.
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    Works fine with Daynotz and with Documents to Go.
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    Um I dont see a link anywhere here.. I wanna cobble mine to work with my Treo 300 !

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