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    Just wondering if I'm missing something, I can't find a mail program on or for the treo 180 besides Treo mail from Handspring. I was hoping for a free app that lets me check my pop3 mail wirelessly, anyone using or know of one?
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    The shortest answer: search the forums.

    The slightly longer answer: The Treo comes with One-Touch, a free app that does exactly what you're asking. There are a ton of other apps out there too. Lots of people seem to like Eudora. It's free.
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    I use Cingular, My Wireless Window, and prefer Eudora for e-mail and Blazer for browsing. I bought my Treo 180 in April but only this past weekend (Labor Day) did I find out the trick for sending/replying to messages on Eudora.It involves having me login with my username and password in order to "authenticate" me for Earthlink. Great!
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