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    I just checked out the details for the Sprint rebate and it says that the receipt must be dated from 9/1/2002! What about the earliest adopters that bought the device before that!! Does anybody know how people that bought the Treo before September can get the rebate...get a new receipt? return and purchase again? anything?!?!

    (I got mine from Compusa if that helps)

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    read the fine print...the rebate does not list the Treo as an eligible rebate model.
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    CircuitCity has a price match guarantee, which they are more willing to reprint a receipt with a new date than honor it. Nice side effect is that there is a new Circuit City rebate for an additional $100 as well.

    $200 off a treo makes up well for the kinks not being ironed out on sprints service. (I was angry enough before I saw the rebate offer because my BusinessConnection was down again all day)
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    The best to date that I found for rebates is with CompUSA's $200 back on any cellphone purchases. This runs out pretty soon and you must purchase by this Sat to take advantage of. I also found that like the other post the Treo 300 is NOT eligible for the $150 discount from Sprint. I found another mention of a $100 trade-in discount for users buying older Treo models but that has ran out.

    Anyone see\find any better rebate packages?
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    Hold the phone...I just saw the ad on HandSpring's website for a 'new' $100 trade-in credit for any old Palm, PDA, etc. Technically you can purchase a Treo 300 this week from CompUSA with a $200 rebate towards phone bills and ALSO send in an older PDA and receive another $100 rebate. Now all I have to do is get CompUSA to give me two original receipts as both rebate offers demand the original sales receipt.

    That seems like the best you can do for rebates at this time...
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    ...But I heard a rumor Handspring may honor the trade-in offer for us early adopters. I plan on calling their customer support tomorrow.
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    Has anyone seen the details of the $200 CompUSA offer? I wondered if it was really a full $200... (or only $200 when buying the most expensive plan, or some other fine print)
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    I'm in Chicago and am wondering if CompUSA still has the $200 off too! I might run over at lunch time and grab one!

    Anyone have anymore insight>?
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    Sprint Treo 300 - $100 Service credit

    I been trying to find out about the $100 service credit for the treo 300 and sprint does not know anything about it
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    I'm curious about this CompUSA rebate, since I bought mine from their CoZone store in Pentagon City and it was never mentioned to me.

    Thanks for any information provided.

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    I have the answer!!

    I called Handspring and they said that if I had purchased through them (meaning off of on August 11th or later I could submit the form and despite the dates being different from what is on the form I would be credited the $100. However, since I bought via a Sprint store I was advised to call Sprint.

    When I did call Sprint they said if I had purchased by August 18th I could submit the form and they would honor the $100 rebate. I asked why their policy was different from Handspring’s and they simply answered that Handspring is being more generous (hrrrmmm).

    I meant to ask Sprint what if someone had purchased in retail, but forgot to. I am quite sure that Sprint would be the ones to answer that particular question, not Handspring.

    I hope that helps people! So if you bought off of Handspring’s web site on the 11th or later you can get the rebate… If you bought via a Sprint store on the 18th or later you can also get the rebate… In other cases I don’t know.
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    I too have good news to report. I emailed Handspring about my situation. I got a reply telling me to call the a number. After calling the number, the CSR told me that they would still honor the rebate...woohoo!

    btw, Handspring customer service is great. I waited for less than a minute to speak with someone!
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    Everyone - I first saw the details about the $200 rebate from CompUSA on another board here. Basically CompUSA will provide $200 in coupons that you can use over one year with $20/month credit towards your cellphone bill.

    This offer is through CompUSA and not Sprint or Handspring. They are offering this cellphone rebate only until the end of this week and it applies to all phones. I'm heading in tomorrow to buy a Treo 300 from them and will see if they honor the rebate plus Handspring's $100 upgrade credit but I don't see why not...
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    I just hung up the land line to the Braintree, Ma CompUSA and they are out of the Treo 300, but expect 4 in tonite. They said they never heard of the $200 rebate??

    Any one on Boston South Shore care to comment on Sprint
    reception in that area and Cape Cod--Also on reception in
    Boynton Beach, Del Ray Boca area in floprida
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    The rebate is great for those of you who already bought your Treo 300 and like it, but it seems to be a potential hazard for new buyers.

    If you buy a Treo 300 from Handspring and immediately rush to meet the $100 rebate from Sprint by mailing them your old Palm PDA, that pretty much negates the biggest advantage of buying from Handspring - the money back if not satisfied guarantee. You're pretty much sunk after you've sent your old palm pda to Sprint. If you send the Treo back, now you have no old palm pda to go back to! And you are now dependent on Sprint for phone service.

    Maybe those Sprint folks aren't so dumb after all - at least not in the marketing department.

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    Just came back from Circuit City where a very knowledgeable salesman was great help and I bought the Treo 300. They have a $100 Cash Mail in Rebate which is on their saleslip which must be mailed in. I received another saleslip to use for the Sprint $100
    Service credit rebate. When I called Comp USA they were waiting for a shipment of Treo 300's but knew nothing of their $200 rebate??
    The service that I will probably sign up for when my phone is fully charged will provide 2000 shared anytime minutes with 2 meg
    computer time ($10 add"l to bring it up to 8 meg.) If I set it up on the internet I save $!0 of the $35. activation fee.
    I am going back tomorow to see if my wife (who is not a gadget freak like me) a simple older model Sp;rint phone which will have a speakerphone feature that will cost me $99- $149. Thats a cost of minus $50!!! She can share the 2000 minutes and I save money. The Nextel phone we each have costs $69/mo and the 2000 shared minutes costs $89. for both of us!!!!
    I will try out the phone and Sprint network for 30 days and if I dont like it I will return the phones.
    Anybody using Sprint in the Boynton Beach-Del Ray Florida area??
    I probably wont be down there to try the phones before the 30
    day trial period is up.
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    Tonight I just purchased a new Treo 300 along with a second phone for the is what I did and I think I got a pretty good deal. Anyone reading this might be able to benefit if you're looking fo purchase. All of this was from the PA Philadelphia area.

    For the Treo 300 I purchased it at CompUSA for $499.00. They also had a $49 maintenance plan that covers any damage to the phone for 2 years which is better than the Sprint offered $4/month plan. CompUSA then gives a coupon for $200 in coupons for you Sprint bills over the next year - this offer ends this Saturday so act quickly! I also got a $100 trade-in coupon off Handspring's website so I'll send back my Palm V for $100.

    I also wanted a second phone for my wife so I went over to the Sprint store since they have a better selection than CompUSA. I got a phone for $99 but they have a $100 instant credit offer from Sprint in their stores so the phone was basically free. I then signed up for a Sprint 50 home plan which gives you 50 free long distance minutes for your home phone for a low cost and also $20 back. This covered the cost of the case for my second phone!

    At home I called up Sprint to activate and got a $55/month plan with 500 anytime minutes, 4000 weekend\night minutes and 2MB\month for data. I added my wife's phone for $20 extra and for the first three months the PCS Vision is free so I save $10\month to bring the monthly cost down to $65/month.

    Hope this helps someone if your shopping around!
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    Hi - I ran over to CompUSA after work to check out the $200 offer.

    I know it is for purchase and activation of new service.

    however, I already am a Sprint PCS customer and was wondering was there anyway to still get this discount.

    For those of you who have taken advantage of this offer, can you describe the process?

    1) Buy phone from CompUSA
    2) I assume they give you a form - what do you need to fill out on it?
    3) Call Sprint PCS to activate
    4) Do you get a code or something to send to CompUSA? What else do you send to CompUSA to get the coupon book?
    etc. I think you know where I'm going with this.

    It might be worth getting a new number, but I'd prefer not to. $200 CompUSA + $100 sending in an old palm = very tempting price point.

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    All... check out this other discussion thread that talks about the CompUSA $200 rebate offer. It also had a link to the actual ad from their website:

    This offer ends tomorrow (in my PA state area at least).
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    "Just came back from Circuit City where a very knowledgeable salesman was great help and I bought the Treo 300. They have a $100 Cash Mail in Rebate which is on their saleslip which must be mailed in. I received another saleslip to use for the Sprint $100
    Service credit rebate."

    I thought the $100 rebate was a deal between Sprint and Handspring, for Treos purchased from Handspring. How can you use it to get $100 off on a phone purchased from Circuit City? You may be right, but I would strongly suggest you verify this before you mail them your existing Palm pda. You won't get it back or even any acknowledgment if it doesn't qualify by your not sending in a proof of purchase from Handspring.


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