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    Here's one.

    I activated my phone back on August 16th. It took two days just to get the phone to work and to this day I have never been able to get on-line at all, not even for a second. I bet that I have 25 calls into the tech group at Sprint and none of them can solve the problem. The following are the steps I take to get on-line and the messages that I receive.

    Step 1. The message states: the page you requested is out of date.

    Step 2: Get new Page. I press OK

    Step 3: Before using any data application, the network must update your settings. Would you like to do this now? I press OK.

    The phone shows "connecting sprint provisioning".

    Then I see "Update terminated".

    Finally, the phone shows a message stating "a data connection could not be established to initiate a network update"

    Sprint can not figure out the problem. Handspring is sending me a new phone and I hope this solves the problem. I'm curious, am I alone with this problem. Love to hear.
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