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    I've been trying since sunday to login to to change my vision password since all of a sudden I get the error 67. But of course as usual their site is not working and it says the service is temporarily unavailable. Is it just me or has anyone been able to login?

    I am getting pretty frustrated. 6 days for voice provisioning and only got data working for 2 days. Someday....
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    the main site seems to be down. I can't access it either right now.
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    Those are not their only problems right now....I haven't been able to make my phone ring since Friday night...all calls go into voice mail. I sent a message via pager and it never arrived today. I won't even think about calling * is down. They are one step away from the grave....just kidding of course, but they are hurting badly.

    I had a Treo 300...bought it the first week it came out. Took it back before the 14 days. It took 4 days to get data turned on. They were sending me "try again" messages to my old phone a week after I took the Treo back and re-activated my old phone.

    I'm waiting for the Sony Ericsson P800 phone with "any" other carrier other than Sprint. They lost me as a customer, and I've been with them since the beginning.

    Good luck to all the Treo users out there.
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    Same Here. This is crazy!

    I got so fed up with my Vision services being dorked up and untrained tech support I dug through Sprint PCS' last Security Exchange filing for the President's phone number and called him.

    Charles E. Levine can be reached at 913-624-3000.

    Supposedly, his assistant is Richard Layne and can be reached at 866.217.9236. He actually worked to esculate my problem, but it is still unresolved going into the thrid week. Sigh.

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