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    I can't use any hands-free eadsets except the one that came with the phone, and I was wondering if anyone else experienced this, or if it's just me. I can't find any reference to it on Handspring's site, and I can't find mention of it in the manual (which I admittedly didn't read too deeply).

    Basically, even though it has a standard 2.5mm jack, if I use any third party hands-free device, I hear a high-pitched beep continuously overlaid on top of the sound, and the other party can't hear me. If I push the plug only partway in, the sound is fine, but they still can't hear me sometimes (sometimes they can).

    Maybe the "hangup" button they have on it has something to do with it/makes the jack not compatible with other devices? I like handspring's earbud, but I still prefer others styles and would like to be able to use them with my Treo without keeping them half-unplugged all the time. Thanks for any info.

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    Look at the adaptor you're trying to use. It must have three black bands. The headsets that work with the Nokia 3000 and 8000 (I think these are them) work. The important thing is to have those three bands.
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    You need to use a "four-barrel" jack in order for this to work. The jack has three black bands on it. Look for a headset compatible with the Nokia 8200 series. Several manufacturers (including plantronics and jabra) make them.
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    I found a reference to hands-free sets under "Customer Support" on HS site. Do I win the banana? Quoth the site:

    In general, headsets that are compatible with Nokia 3300 or 8000 series will usually work with Treo communicators.

    Although the Handspring Treo hands-free headset is the only headset officially tested for compatibility with Treo devices, we have heard of users who have successfully employed a number of third-party headsets. Specifically, the Plantronics M133-N1, M143-N1, and M206-N1 have been reported to work with Treo communicators.
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    The Handspring handsfree unit, that ships with the phone, sucks! Plain and simple. Is there a Jabra, or similar, unit that will work w/ the 300?

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    I had the same "opinion". Upon advice of other users, I checked out the Jabra "Boom" headset for the Nokia 3000/8000 series (N1). I'm used to using a Plantronics "boom" style headset with my older phone, and I found the Jabra to be quite a nice replacement (in some ways, I like it better). It even supports the external one button on/off hook. The ear "gels" take a bit of getting used to, and I'm not quite a "quick" as I would like to be at getting it placed in my ear when the phone rings, but the sound quality due to their use is excellent compared to the foam rubber standard headphone style.

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    I just bought a Plantronics hands-free headset for the Nokia 8000 series, and it works great w/ the Treo. It's definitely better than the headset that came w/ the Treo - both the speaker and mic seem better.
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    I bought a Plantronics M133-N headset and tried it out yesterday.....but I find the outgoing volume to be too low to be acceptable. Has anyone had any experience with this headset or other alternatives? Is there any headset that boosts the volume of the outgoing voice?


    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC
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    I got this response from Jabra when I wrote them concerning the Treo:

    Thank you for your interest in our JABRA Products. The Handspring Treo phones need a special connector, that is a 2.5mm 4 barrel connector. We do have a product made for the Nokia 8800/8200/3300 series phones that has this type of connector. I have been told by other customers it works on the Treo phones. We have not tested our products on these phones, so I do not know for sure if it will work. You can find the Nokia models at Radio Shack or CompUSA. Just look for a sticker on the packaging that says for use with Nokia 8800/8200/3300 series phones.

    Thank you,
    Melanie Davis
    Customer Service
    JABRA Corporation

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