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    Displaying On Screen Keyboard?

    Can someone please tell me how to display the on screen keyboard in the treo 300
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    See your user manual, page 31.
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    Can you please tell me
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    Press the phone hot button twice.
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    What button is the hot button
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    I don't think the phone dialing pad is what johnpalm is talking about, or is it? The phone hot button is the silver button with the phone on it just under the keyboard.

    I think johnpalm is asking how to get the onscreen keyboard like you can with the Visor (alpha-numeric keyboard). Not sure if you can do this, don't have my userbook handy to look at pg 31.

    Begs the question if the onscreen keyboard is desired: why? You have one under the screen? Or, is that too difficult to use...??

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    Upon further review...I think you're right. To answer the correct question, no I am fairly certain that you cannot pull up an on-screen QWERTY keyboard. There may be an application you can get off of the net somewhere to let you do that. However, as nobull suggested, why? That's the whole point of the thumbpad. The better question might be, can you get a graffiti board for users more comfortable with Graffiti.
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    If you used the enclosed CD to install your software for the Treo, look on your PC for a pdf version of the user manual. Under the Programs section of the Start button, look for "PCS Phone Handspring 300", and then "User Guide".

    Anyway, to do it on the Treo:

    1. Open up an application that requires you to enter data (such as Memo Pad).
    2. Press the Menu key.
    3. Under Edit, select Keyboard (/K).

    And, there's your on-screen keyboard!
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    Very interesting sbcrair. I tried useing it. I think the thumb board is better, more accurate. Good to know feature though.
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    So I see on the on-screen keyboard that it's possible to type a tab space (such as to indent a paragraph), but how do you type a tab space with the physical thumboard?
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    From the user manual: press Shift-space.

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